The Hutchinson News:

GetTing to Know Steve Watkins

April 15, 2018


Steve Watkins, Topeka, is running for the Republican nomination in the 2nd Congressional District race.

Republican U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins’ decision not to run again created an open race in the eastern Kansas district. Watkins said he is running as a “political outsider.” He has not held prior office.

“I offer a new direction,” he said.

A West Point graduate, Watkins was an Army Ranger and an independent contractor with experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. He holds advanced degrees from M.I.T. and Harvard and lists his occupation as engineer.

He advocates for “conservative family values,” and “a free-market economy,” and a strong national defense. “We need to send somebody to Congress,” he said, who understands what the country is up against in North Korea and with Islamic terrorism. Cybersecurity also is an issue.

“I’m not seeing any candidate in the race that knows what I’m talking about,” he said, as he described international threats. He would support military action in Syria, he also said.

He wants to “restore civility and integrity to Congress” and address “robust” entitlement programs. “I would like Republicans to be fiscally conservative,” he said.

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