Patient Centered Healthcare and

Pro-Life Conservative


I am pro-life.  Today in America, the sanctity of life is rarely valued. As a lifelong conservative, I am and always have been fully dedicated to protecting life at all cost. As Americans we must lead by example, life is sacred and protecting the unborn is a duty we must all uphold. Long ago, I signed the National Right To Life Pledge, to never vote for pro-choice legislation and that is a promise I will uphold in Washington. The Democrats might have a pro-choice agenda in mind, what I say is - Not on my watch.

As a small business owner and private citizen, I’ve seen the fundamental failures of Obamacare and the strain it has left on citizens across Kansas. The Obama Administration believed more government would fix our health care industry. Instead, the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable, and left Americans with skyrocketing premiums, fewer choices, and a lower quality of care. More government is never the solution.

I believe Congress now has a responsibility to end the crippling ACA tax mandates and work together to replace Obamacare with a patient-centered system that reduces costs, promotes competition, and gives patients more control of their health care.