From: Francis Weyrens MD
Date: January 26, 2018 at 13:12:50 CST
To: Steve Watkins Jr <>
Subject: I just finished watching your videos


Hi Steve.
I just finished watching your YouTube videos, including an 18 minute segment on the Middle East. It is so refreshing to hear a person in politics speak with nuance, truth, and clarity on ANY subject. Well done.

I also looked at your web site. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on other major issues of our day. I wonder, for example, how you think we could best improve border security.  I also wonder if there is some way to reduce the ubiquity of firearms in our country, or otherwise reduce gun related deaths, without impeding the rights of lawful citizens to bear arms. It looks from your web site as if you have given this some thought.  

As I mentioned on the phone, I am not a networker by nature. I am more than happy to join the ranks of your supporters. I will introduce your name to my friends and contacts. You are talented, disciplined, and articulate.

You seem to also have compassion and common sense. God bless you.

Jim Weyrens


PS. I did complete a donation of $2700 on line.